Open letter to the community: 

In life, sometimes we experience strife and need a bit of assistance. In those times, look to Caring and Sharing of South Santa Rosa County, a 38-year-old non-profit, 100 percent volunteer service organization spending less than 1 percent on operational costs to help clients based on need.

Since 1979, Caring and Sharing’s purpose has been to ensure that the less fortunate in our community are not forgotten during the holiday season.

Thank you to all the volunteers and contributors who donated their time or dollars to support the organization that distributes food and gift certificates at Thanksgiving and Christmas; also, through coordination with local churches and the community, a Giving Tree Program of donated gifts at Christmas distribution.

Caring and Sharing is appreciative to those who spent time collecting, fund-raising and Santa-shopping to provide joy to those who needed the spirit of hope this past holiday season.

"It is a huge undertaking, and without the help from many individuals, groups, civic clubs, and businesses the holiday program would not be so successful," said Ann Thompson, president. "I’m always worried we will forget to thank someone, so I wish to express gratefulness to everyone who helped, and relay what a blessing it is to receive your donations, and work alongside you at Thanksgiving and Christmas distribution."

Of course, there are dependable volunteers who continuously make it happen each year. Such as local churches, scout groups, JROTC, staff and students from local elementary, primary, middle and high schools, the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, All My Sons, Darlene Hammond-RE/MAX, Oak Ridge Gun Range, Juana’s Pagodas, and CERT of Navarre, just to name a few.

Because of the overwhelming generosity and community support, some 200 families — of which included 251 children, 134 teens, 33 infants, and 328 adults/elderly — were helped.

That’s nearly 746 individuals who received Caring and Sharing services to make the 2017 holiday season special.

Thank you for making a difference in the community!


Best wishes for a healthy and Happy New Year,



Caring and Sharing South Santa Rosa County public liaison


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