Dear editor, 

Beyond his many lies, President Donald J. Trump is really a conman, a bait-and-switch conman.

He has looked directly into the television camera and said, "This will be the greatest tax reduction of all times and is designed for the middle class .... Further, my wealthy friends will be upset. This will not benefit me!"

Well, this tax bill does have some reductions for those of us with an adjusted gross income of less than $60,000, but even these reductions go away over 10 years. Meanwhile, large businesses and millionaires get substantial tax reductions, which are permanent.

Even the Alternative Minimum Tax goes away. This alone saves President Trump one half to three quarters of a million and perhaps more based upon his older public tax records.

Then he goes to his Florida home, Mar-a-lago, and says to its wealthy club members, "You all are getting richer."

Even the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, in its analysis of the Trump Tax Plan, says that 80 percent to 95 percent of the tax reductions go to the wealthiest 1 percent of the people. The "middle class" gets crumbs.

This proves that he is just a bait-and-switch conman.

When he is ultimately replaced as president, he will probably be pardoned by his successor.



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