Editor’s Note: This is a response to Jerry Cummings’ letter to the editor, "Facebook suspends posting privilege, Milton man says," published Dec. 20, 2017 in the Santa Rosa Press Gazette.

Dear editor,

Mr. Cummings, Islam also makes the claim of being the oldest religion. The Koran was written around 550 A.D. by Mohammad — about [4,000] to 6,000 years after the writing of the original Bible. Islam makes this claim only because of the people named in the Bible, which the Koran claims were prophets of Islam.

Guess who the first prophet was in history? Does it surprise you it was Adam of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden? Somehow, the first modern man was born or created with, and knowing, that religion [that was] Islam.

Now you should understand why Eve ate the forbidden fruit. She was driven insane by the constant preaching of the Koran by the first ever prophet of Islam, Adam.

Surprisingly, in reality, the last prophet and first imam was who wrote the Koran, being Mohammad …

Should it surprise you that liberal leftist Democrat Mark Zuckerberg and his company, Facebook, support Islam while opposing Christianity and its lies? "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" and, thus, my friends are welcome here to help us fight these fanatical religious Republicans — not caring that some Democrats still hold these same Christian beliefs.

But for most Democrats, it's always politics first and the morals of the Bible and the Bible itself second — if at all.

Again, "the end justifies the means" to achieve a desired goal of their totalitarian political power in America!




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