EAST MILTON — East Milton Elementary received a $250 mini grant from Florida Farm Bureau to support a project teaching children how to raise vegetables.

"The students participate in the planting and the watering of the garden," first-grade teacher Stefanie Acuff said in a press release. "There are approximately 115 students in first grade. Each class is responsible for maintaining the garden on their assigned day."

When the class harvests the vegetables, they hold a garden tasting party. The class recently held the fall event and will plant the spring garden using the Farm Bureau grant when they return from winter break.

"Just before they left they planted radishes and carrots," Acuff said.

So far, the class has raised kale, spinach, red leaf lettuce, Boston bibb lettuce, broccoli and collard greens.

The project started as a collaboration between the school and the University of Florida which provided the soil and plants for the fall garden. The two beds were already on the campus from a project years ago, according to Acuff.

"(The students) absolutely love it, just to go back and see how much (the plants) have grown and how fast," Acuff said. "They’re funny because they all know what plant is theirs. They’ve really taken some ownership."

Not all the students wanted to eat their homegrown salad, but they each had a mini salad they could eat, she said.