Celebrating Christmas

The Port St. Joe Garden Club ("PSJGC") held its December members' meeting on Thursday, Dec. 14. The Garden Center was beautifully decorated for the holidays. Ms. Jody Wood-Putnam, the featured speaker, presented a program on native plants directly following a luncheon. Ms. Wood-Putnam is the Co-President of the Sweetbay Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society. She has been a master gardener for the past 10 years and her garden was recently featured in the Panama City Living Magazine. The presentation identified specific native plants in four different categories; canopy trees, understory, shrubs, and vines and ground cover, that do well in this geographic location. In addition, we were advised to reduce pesticides to protect butterflies; remove invasive plants to protect our native plants; and plant for diversity layering our plantings to attract different wildlife. And the next time you see a nibbled leaf on your plant instead of immediately grabbing a can of pesticide to rid your plant of the pest, first bend down and take a closer look at the critter, perhaps you have provided much needed habitat for a soon to be butterfly.

The President of the Garden Club, Ms. Sue Meyer, announced during the business meeting that the Club was making a donation to the Pennies Pines program in honor of member Era Daniell for her many years of service to the Club. The Pennies Pines program, supported by the National Garden Club and other organizations, and in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, is dedicated to reforesting forest areas damaged by fire or other catastrophe. Please join us on Jan. 11 for our next meeting and a presentation by Ms. Jane Brewer on "Flower Show Possibilities". Ms. Brewer is past President of the Gulf Beach Garden Club in Panama City Beach. She has also served as past Director of District II of the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs. Anyone interested in joining the PSJGC, in attending a program, or renting the Garden Center at 216 8th Street, a national and historical site, may email psjgardenclub@gmail.com.