Nov. 30: Ava E′Lanna Lee, child of DeVanna Eugene and Andre Lee.

Dec. 1: Addison Thao Uy Chauppette, child of Angelica Tran and Ryan Chauppette.

Dec. 2: Lillian Belle Lepine, child of Kaila Lepine and Bryant Lepine.

Dec. 3: Noah Anthony Foret, child of Lauren L. Foret and Adam Foret; Isaiah Michael Trahan, child of Ashley Trahan and Christopher Trahan; Jeremy Cole Williams Jr., child of Jamay Charles and Jeremy Cole Williams Sr.

Dec. 4: Benjamin Alexander Cox, child of Michelle Cox.

Dec. 5: Taryn Rae, child of Courtney Breaux and Tyler Breaux; Ryan James Falgout, child of Hailey Falgout and Zachary Falgout.

Dec. 6: Oaklee Jo Blanchard, child of Braia Blanchard and Justin Blanchard.

Dec. 7: korbyn Claire Landrum, child of Jessica Authement and Clinton Landrum.

Dec. 8: Bryce Kathryn Daigle, child of Lauri Daigle and Jason Daigle; Orson Wilder Lightsey, child of Sadi Lightsey and Bannon Lightsey.

Dec. 2: Eugene Francis Bologne, Mary Bologne and Francis Bologne; Cambrie Renee Ordoyne, child of Crystal Richard and Derek Ordoyne.

Dec. 3: Emily Grace Bell, child of Brittany Bell and Tyronne Bell; Jahmyyllah Jazzy Miles, child of Antionette Tyler and Jessy Miles; Spencer Claire Polkey, child of Margo Polkey and Keagan Polkey.

Dec. 4: Raya Laraine Dutton, child of Summer Hebert and Landon Dutton; Remi Rae Savoie, child of Whitney Martin and Joshua Savoie; Riley Claire Savoie, child of Whitney Martin and Joshua Savoie.

Dec. 5: Eliana Nicole Marie Bender, child of Amber Bender and Bradley Bender; Khalil Anthony Washington, child of Mariah Garza and Ray Washington.

Dec. 7: Nicholas Ly Nguyen, child of Phuong Nguyen and Thanh Nguyen; Breighlynn Nicole Talbot, child of Felicia Daigle and Chance Talbot.