NAVARRE — US Ambassadors For Prosperity, LLC is launching a revenue-sharing rewards program in Northwest Florida, with plans to expand the concept nationwide.

The benefit is being tested as an incentive for individuals, business owners and non-profits to become more actively involved and financially vested within their communities and region.   

Navarre resident Nancy Gaskins said, "By having a vested interest, the sponsorship; and an incentive to participate, [the] Revenue-sharing Royalty Reward, everyone in the community has a major incentive to promote and support participating businesses, new business startups, non-profits, events and community projects. A win-win."

Sponsorships are now available for $30, $50 and $100. Every time a dollar is generated, a percentage is designated for Royalty Rewards. Sponsors can keep it, roll it forward or designate their favorite charity as their beneficiary.

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