MILTON — Travelers on Avalon Boulevard and Mulat Road may soon see signage indicating the new judicial center's location.

Santa Rosa County Commissioners Chairman Bob Cole directed staff to seek price quotes for signs marking the 19.2 acres on Avalon Boulevard as the future home of the new judicial center.

In July, the board moved to make an offer of $850,000 on the 19-acre property JDL of Santa Rosa LLC owned. In October, the county completed purchase of the parcel.

"I don’t know how many folks have had the opportunity to visit the 19.2 acres we purchased," Cole said, "to ask our citizens next fall to support a half-cent resolution to build a new judicial center."

Monday, Cole suggested erecting two signs on Avalon Boulevard and one on Mulat Road announcing the parcel will be the new judicial center’s location.

"I think it’s necessary that we start as soon as we can in identifying the property. Even though it’s been in the newspaper and on our public information access," Cole said. "I still get people asking me where it’s at."

Commissioner Sam Parker made the July motion to purchase, with Commissioner Bob Cole seconding, and the third vote coming from Commissioner Don Salter.

"Citizens will start being able to look forward to the progress," Parker said.

Cole also wanted to start clearing the land on the parcel but County Assistant Administrator Dan Schebler said nothing can be done without a site plan or development order.

"I would suggest we go out for bids and get quotes and bring those back to you to clear this land and not task the over-tasked public works department," Schebler said.