By Press Gazette staff
Editor's Note: This concludes our series on Santa Rosa County's student athletes selected for the 2017 Subway High School All-Star Volleyball Team. Previous editions featured all other selected athletes.
MILTON — Ali Hawthorne of Central High, Gracie Snider and Olivia Hepworth of Gulf Breeze High, Tori Butcher of Pace High, McKenzie Stevenson of Milton High and Caitlin Bethell of Navarre High are among the nine females in Santa Rosa County selected to join the 2017 Subway High School All-Star Volleyball team. The Subway High School All-Star Series is a sequence of games between high school senior athletes from Okaloosa, Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. The main volleyball game is set Nov. 16 at the University of West Florida. Here, we catch up with the high school seniors on making the all-star team, their everyday lives and their aspirations.
How long have you been playing volleyball?
AH: I have been playing for six years. CB: For six years. Outside hitter. GS: I have been playing volleyball for seven years. MS: Four years. Middle blocker. OH: I have been playing for eight years. TB: I have been playing volleyball for nine years.
What do you like to do in your free time?
AH: In my free time, I’m usually napping or studying, or bowling if it’s Wednesday. Between college, high school and sports, I probably have an hour each night to myself but its pretty stressful having so much on your shoulders. CB: I like to hang out with my friends. GS: I love hanging with my friends and playing with my dog, but during the season, I don't have much free time between classes and volleyball. MS: I like to attend school events and participate in stuff like that. OH: I don’t have too much. Usually volleyball takes up a lot of time. (I like) lots of water activities, going to the beach, fishing. In season, (I don’t get) much at all, usually just weekends. Out of season, we pretty much make it work but the school load is heavy. TB: I like to spend time with family and friends. I don't get very much free time … and when I'm not at school or practice, I'm working at my part-time job.
Do you play any other sports? AH: I also play softball. CB: Play beach volleyball. It’s definitely a lot different with having only two players. There is more of a chance to work on different things. It also keeps you in shape, being on the sand. GS: I don't play any other sports, but I play volleyball year-round. MS: I do not. OH: I played basketball last year but not this year. I do play beach volleyball. TB: No, but I do play club volleyball in the off-season.
How do you feel about making the Subway All-star team? AH: I was stoked when I got the all-star letter; I didn’t think I would get it honestly. But now I’m probably way too excited for the game. CB: I’m very excited. I feel very honored to be selected by coaches around the district. I also like the opportunity to play with girls [we’ve] been playing against. GS: Making the All-Star team is a huge honor, and I am excited to play. MS: It was shocking. I remember going to watch the other girls who graduated from my team and made it. I never thought that could be me. OH: It was really exciting. I got to see a lot of seniors before me that I really looked up to be able to make the team. So to be finally in that position is really exciting. TB: I’m honored that I have been picked.
What do you want to do as a career? AH: I’m majoring in elementary education, but I may change it to secondary education. CB: I plan to go to graduate school and do physiotherapy. Volleyball is a big part of my life and will be all my life. After college, I’ll look at beach volleyball tours. GS: I plan on pursuing a nursing career. MS: I’d like to be an attorney. OH: I would like to major in exercise science. I’d like to be a physical therapist. That’s the goal, rehab…for people that have either had surgery or veterans or sports teams. TB: I want to become an oncologist.
Do you plan on going to college? AH: I’m currently attending Pensacola State College, but I plan to get my associate degree and transfer to Mississippi State. CB: I’m looking at a school in Tennessee to play beach and indoor volleyball. I’ll major in exercise science. GS: I am going to Mississippi State University. MS: (I want to attend) Florida A&M. I plan to get an academic scholarship, (but I) will continue to play. I’m going to major in political science. TB: I do plan to go to college, but I'm not sure where yet.
Who is your favorite musical artist or band? AH: My favorite artist/band would probably be Dan+Shay. GS: I don't have a favorite band, but I love country music. TB: My favorite artist is Blackbear.
What is your favorite TV show? AH: My favorite TV show would be “American Horror Story.” I don’t watch much TV. GS: My favorite TV show right now is “Riverdale.” TB: My favorite show is “Grey’s Anatomy.”