Dear editor,

It’s Oct. 18. I’ve just read [Aaron] Little’s Oct. 7 article, “District sex ed to include abstinence by state statute.” 

How anyone could be upset by the PRC (Pregnancy Resource Center) teaching the proposed classes is beyond me.

While Dr. Holley was doing his ob-gyn residency in Atlanta, I was employed at the Communicable Disease Center (now Centers for Disease Control), first in the VD branch, later in the toxicology department. What an eye opener! The STD stats including even a 9-year-old, no doubt due to lack of sex education, distressed me. The epidemiology was alarming! To learn our state statute mandates teaching abstinence amazed and delighted me!

At last our school district will execute the proposed courses, the implementation of which will surely decrease pregnancies among teens, an obtainable goal! I admire the school district’s decision and the PRC’s offer of service.

Were the truth known, probably few parents taught or teach their children about sex — a tragedy indeed!

Years ago someone said if a guy respects a girl, he’ll not insist she “give in” to prove her love. Baloney! Girls could avoid heartache and embarrassment if they would remind guys of that fact. It’s well known that guys will falsely brag of “conquering” gals whether they did or not. Girls should be smart, not stupid, on the alert regarding sexual propositions. They’ll not regret abstaining as they hold their heads high. To girls who have already been sexually active, possibly feeling guilty: please know there is a loving, forgiving, merciful God who gives a second chance at abstinence.

Our VD branch produced a book in the 1960s, “Modern Diagnosis of Syphilis." I brought a copy to Dr. Holley Sr., a family practice physician. He commented, “we don’t see much of that around here.”  If he did, being ethical, they would not have dwelt on it in this small town.

I don’t do Facebook or computers, but heartily agree with Jim Howard’s [comment], “It’s about time the schools looked at providing real education about sex and relationships the right way vs. 'free internet porn.'"

Bottom line: I’m sure Cyndi Roberts and the PRC will abide by the curriculum and the stipulation that the district will not allow religious teaching. Thank God for the nurse who developed the curriculum along with the social scientists.

If I had my way, I’d include Biblical teaching. Who knows better, Creator God or prideful creates?





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