Dear editor,

What is the meaning of an "empty barrel"?

Throughout history a barrel was used to transport goods. So an empty barrel is useless without a product inside to now make the barrel useful and valuable.

So the phrase "an empty barrel makes the most noise" regarding the human race is a historical reference to a thought that came from a individual. The thought itself is so meaningless in the situation it was used ... because it has or adds no value to an already bad situation.

Who would like to make those types of calls regarding a soldier's death on the battlefield?

As a military brat, I also understand the terms "he or she was there doing what they loved" or "he or she knew what they were getting into when they voluntarily joined."

This has an even greater meaning when someone volunteers and endures what it takes to become an Army Green Beret or Navy Seal, knowing they will be in harm's way.

Now, not allowing my words to be misconstrued, no soldier loves war or death, but they put themselves there to protect others from harm, standing in its way, and thus they have put themselves in harm's way!

As a congresswoman, now "rock star," Frederica Wilson should understand this aspect of our military, considering she herself has a vote regarding a Declaration of War, sending our troops into harm's way.

But instead she becomes a race baiter with her lack of knowledge! Sad!





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