Dear editor,

Probably 98 percent that read your Opinion [section's letter to the editor, "Wake up, white America"] disagree — I for one. 

In our society we allow all voices to be heard — uneducated, uninformed; those that refuse to list the facts and only speak out of personal ideology without thought. In other words, your opinion is right because you said so.

In your article you mention, among your list of murder [and] unfair hiring practices, even our blue-eyed, blond-hair Jesus. Wow.

Fact check: blacks kill more blacks than whites, cops, Hispanic, etc., together.

Hiring: You ever hear of affirmative action? The preference of blacks into colleges and paid for by tax payers; grading curves.

Jesus: Don't know the color of his hair or eyes etc. You don't either ...

I had a black judge tell me that we as a people have a tendency to judge our own more harsher or to a higher degree.  He is probably wrong on your account.

You mention Satan as well; this I agree with you. He certainly is alive and well — the evidence can be found in your letter.

In reference to the flag and anthem, we do honor and respect both; as well as the people who have sacrificed to preserve your right to hate.

I had an uncle who served in Patton's 3rd Army the duration of the war, another uncle who was wounded Dec. 7, 1941 — [his] career ended that day; a nephew, two sons that fought Islamic terrorists; one son that helped in the death of America's No. 1 most wanted ... (Bin Laden). Even he (Bin Laden) acknowledged Jesus as a prophet.

By the way, my eyes are brown; if Jesus had blue eyes that's good enough for me.

I never had the chance to teach my children the things you say we do. They always acted like they knew more then me. LOL

Think about it.




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