Dear editor,

I almost totally agree with what Glenn [Mollette] states in his [column, “Prevention requires a lot of effort,” published in the Oct. 25, 2017, Press Gazette].

An ounce of prevention is great, but, unlike Obamacare, when surgery is needed it should not break the bank with a high deductible that is unaffordable to most people when already paying a high premium.


Making hospitals put a price on some common procedures would help to lower the cost because of verifiable price competition among hospitals. Product liability lawsuits should be addressed regarding some products. Your remark about your shotgun (excluding a double barrel or single shot) is [incorrect] because it will shoot five shots with the plug removed, which limits the number of shells, but don't get caught hunting with it while the plug is removed! As for the Las Vegas weapons, to my knowledge all of them were semiautomatic weapons without any internal modifications to the guns themselves. The [bump stock] is an ingenious invention to get around the intended no-automatic-weapons laws as they were [written].
Should this device be banned? No, but should you need an automatic weapons license to purchase or own one? Yes!
Why? Because most automatic weapons owners do not fire their guns that often because it devalues the gun itself as you wear it out just like the human body eventually wears out!



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