Dear white Americans,

Please allow me my drumbeat of hopeful unity. As a person of color, I have been forced to accept your universal bigotry, hate for no good reasons, unfair banking, unfair wages, housing, job hiring, court judgments, killings, murdering, robbery of freedom, unfair medical treatment — even your blonde hair, blue-eyed Jesus.

[These are] just a few of the evil acts that have been imposed on me in time. However, you know your black list more so than me.

You keep your evilness under wraps of denial, but I know the colors that you love and they are red and green.

You love bloodshed and wealth over fellowship.

You worship guns, flags and anthems but you hate equality.

You love to jet all over the world but you hate immigrants.

You hate China but you profit big from their cheap products.

In your heart, you are righteous but despise God and will not repent.

You teach your children that a purgatory awaits them when it’s really Hell.

You still teach them to divide if it’s not the white man’s way instead of unifying as it is in Heaven.

You have allowed Satan to take you to the top of his kingdom only to deceive you with wealth and power that you can’t take to Hell with you.

Wake up, white America. Your time is at hand. Do what’s right and just before God. You have had everything all the days of your life off of the backs of your own fellow men, women and children.

We worship the God of America. We’ve built the America you’ve brought some of us to. We hear your talk of freedom and justice for all but is it just for all white folks?

We still die daily to your hate, physically and spiritually, because of the mere fact that I am a human of another color.

You have forced your hate worldwide and swear by your guns and bombs that you are right.

You swear on Bibles to be honest leaders but are only swindlers. There are more white American leaders in America than any other race of human beings and they are knowingly taking the country down into ruin. A one world order plot for Satan is the agenda.

As other countries seem to want to live in peace and unity, America keeps pushing guns, bombs and hate from the white side of the country. This solves nothing, but then they know it and keep with it headlong.

Some day you’ll pay, but not with your evil wealth.

It’ll be paid in full with your corrupt soul.


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