Dear editor,

Often we are fast to criticize and slow to praise. In this letter, there is no criticism. It is simply to say thanks and give credit where credit is due.

On Jan. 21, 2016 at the Committee of the Whole meeting a petition was presented to the council and staff, signed by 77 Star Hill community members. The petition was a request for the city to pave the following streets, which were in poor condition: Star Hill Drive, Polaris Drive, Andromeda Drive and Vega Drive. Using monies received from the recently implemented half-cent county gas tax, the project concluded late September, 2017.

This is to city staff, the City Council and Mayor [Wesley] Meiss; past council members Jimmy Messick, Lloyd Hinote, R.L. Lewis and Grady Hester, who were initial supporters of our efforts; Randy Hoyt; and the city personnel who worked removing the curbing, doing the finishing on the landscaping and generally anything that was needed of them out in the heat and the rain. 

On behalf of the property owners and residents of the Star Hill neighborhood, thank you for undertaking and completing the paving project in the Star Hill community.

The project moved us from looking like a failing neighborhood, to a family-orientated, contributing part of our city. Already, increased activity can be observed. Young people are riding bikes and skateboards, families [are] walking together, enjoying being out communing with their neighbors, and seniors are getting in their daily exercise. 

The good that has been brought about by this wise investment of our gas tax monies proves the quality of leadership, past and present, in the city of Milton. 

We say thank you for the leadership and a job well done.



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