GULF BREEZE — Structural engineering assessments of Fort Pickens Road through the Fort Pickens area and Highway 399 through the Santa Rosa area are complete following Hurricane Nate. Both roads are expected to be closed through early December due to the damage and estimated repair timelines. 

Fort Pickens Campground reservations have been canceled through Dec. 3, but that date may be extended if needed.

The National Park Service and the Federal Highways Administration are working closely to complete the repair work as quickly and safely possible.

“These roadways are vital links for our community,” Park Superintendent Dan Brown said. “We are thankful that repairs will be able to be completed sooner than initially thought so visitors can return to these wonderful areas.”

In addition to repairing road damage, the National Park Service will pursue options for improving road shoulders on the north side of both roadways. These erosion-control methods may help prevent road edge damage overwash causes during low-category hurricanes and tropical events.

The National Park Service closed all areas of the national seashore prior to Hurricane Nate making landfall along the Gulf Coast on Oct. 7.

The Category 1 storm pushed significant winds and waves on to Santa Rosa Island.