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As a taxpayer resident of Santa Rosa County, I do not want any of my tax dollars to be used for this so called "sex education.” I had sex education when I was in school, and I learned a great deal from it, but it was taught by a science teacher, not some ideological group, looking to insinuate their beliefs into the public school system!

This subject is one that should be left up to the parents and/or science educators who present facts, unaltered by a bias! I wouldn't want a pro-choice organization to be teaching sex education in the public schools, either!

This should not be allowed in the public school system!

Jackie Sumner Duvall 



It's a great idea. If everyone is happy and this is successful, build more [affordable housing developments for senior citizens] in various parts of the community. There are many seniors who have nowhere to live and definitely fit the income guidelines. Congrats for a great idea.

Susan Palmer 



I still don't get why they had to buy more land when there was land [that would have been] donated for free. Sure seems wasteful to me. The money used for buying more land could have been used to help offset building costs. Am I missing something here?

Betty Hinote 


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