Dear editor,

Jim Moore, you missed the whole point, which is respect. Our American flag flies over every American's head that fights or dies fighting for the freedoms of others, their freedom of religion, of speech, for certain unalienable rights.

They fought so we could freely make these arguments. Our standing for the American flag and our allies' flags who help in this endeavor of freedom is to show these men who fought and died the respect for the freedom you now enjoy, even the freedom to disrespect them by kneeling.

We as a nation may not be a perfect nation with a perfect history but please name one or, for that fact, anything that has achieved perfection.

Perfection is not achievable and that is why we work so hard at trying to achieve it. It is a work in progress from day one and sometimes it is two steps forward only to take one step back with what is accomplished.

It is so much easier to disrespect than to respect as it is much easier to destroy as it is to build.

These men earned every American's respect the moment they fought or died building the freedoms we so much enjoy today — and standing is a lot easier than what they went through while doing it.

Stand and show some respect.



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