MILTON — In the course of serving an arrest warrant on Nickole Trappman, 28, of Milton, a Santa Rosa County deputy shot a white pit bull. Nickole Trappman is under arrest on a $6,000 bond for felony drug possession and misdemeanor resisting an officer. Her husband, David Trappman, 26, of Milton, is under arrest on a $61,000 bond for felony battery on an officer, aggravated battery on an officer, and misdemeanor resisting an officer.

Oct. 9, deputies Smead and Reaves and detective Bird with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office were at the Trappmans’ Woodville Road home in Milton to serve a felony arrest warrant on Nickole Trappman.

On scene, Reaves observed Nickole running into the home from the back door. Her husband, David Trappman, began to interfere with Smead and Bird in the front the home, according to the arrest report, but eventually complied staying in the front of the house with two dogs.

After Bird and Smead entered and called out to identify themselves and order anyone inside to come out, David came back in the home giving commands to the dogs.

David and Bird pushed each other back and forth when the pit bull bit Bird on the back of his left thigh, the report said.

Smead then fatally shot the dog to prevent any further injury to Bird or himself, according to the report. Bird received several punctures and lacerations. EMS personnel treated him.

According to the report, there were two small children and an adult female present in the room during the incident.

Bird and Smead handcuffed David as he resisted by tensing his body and pushing away from the officers.