The Meigs Middle School Math Department worked with community sponsors to raise $1,500 toward a trip to the Emerald Coast Science Center and its Math Alive! exhibit. More than 200 students participated thanks to the funds.

“The students had a great time learning about math in motion and how math impacts everything around us,” said Meigs sixth-grade math teacher Annie Riggins. “Meigs was grateful for the many organizations that partnered to provide this awesome local opportunity for students.”

Sponsors included White Wilson Medical Center, Emerald Coast Surgery Center, Raytheon and the HSU Educational Foundation.


Learning about Johnny Appleseed in honor of his birthday, students in Kristin Peak’s West DeFuniak Elementary kindergarten class peeled and ate apples. The class thanks Tammy Cosson for allowing the use of her apple peeler.

These students also created dry macaroni art as part of a unit on the letter “M.” They outlined upper and lower case “M” designs using the “M” dry pasta.

In first-grade news, Jordan Dady and her students took their lessons outside, observing light and shadows. They participated in activities that show how shadows change due to the earth’s rotation.

They also made real-world connection by tracing their shadows in the morning as the sun appeared in the east and then in the afternoon as the light source from the west. The students noted the changes.


In September, Plew Elementary School received a donation from the Dugas Family Foundation to promote reading among every student.

Books will be provided to the Plew library, to teacher collections and home collections.

The donation enhanced the school’s celebration of literacy week.


To help her students better understand American sign language, Kala Wilson asked her South Walton High School class to participate in Deaf Day.

Students wore ear plugs to better know the challenges that the deaf encounter every day. In addition, students were encouraged to sit near their teachers and receive all directions in writing.


Last month, several Paxton School students and adults volunteered time toward a campus cleanup, filling several large trash bags.

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