Dear editor,

Is the issue really about kneeling or standing during the National Anthem? Does kneeling mean you aren't for America and standing mean you are for America?

That is the argument that you are being asked to get fired up over by the president.

Interestingly, the American flag is the only thing all Americans could be unified on. We don't have two flags for America. Do we? So, if one flag could mean one set of values, one set of ethics, one set of morals, and one way to 'make America great again' then we could all join hands and get behind it.

But, it's not that simple. Is it?

So, let's consider going one step past the one flag and consider "One Nation Under One God." If I said, "Stand if you mean 'America under Jesus'" or "Kneel if you are for 'America under any other God,’" how would you react?

You might say, “but America stands for freedom of religion.”

So, every religion can worship as they choose.

Yeah, that's right.




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