The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office provided these felony arrest reports for Sept. 29 to Oct. 2.

Defendants are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Tiffany Hawthorne Brewer, 41, Pace, fraud

Nathan Kyle Christian, 29, Pace, drug possession

John Martin Darocha, 29, homeless, out of state fugitive

Pamela Ann Davis, 29, Navarre, drug possession

Michelle Lynn Dowden, 45, Milton, conditional release violation

Ashley Nicole Ganey, 24, Pace, drug possession

Richard Gary Jernigan, 68, Pace, burglary

Monica Diann Lainhart, 49, homeless, probation violation

Wendy Ann Lunsford, 32, Milton, conditional release violation

Lauren Nicole Moody, 24, Boyle, Miss., burglary

Robert Shane Moore, 33, Cleveland, Miss., dealing in stolen property, drug possession, burglary

Matthew Casey Myers, 32, Milton, failure to appear

Michael Stephen Phipps, 50, Milton, drug possession

Daniel Eric Slayton, 38, Pace, conditional release violation

Miracle Quantikka Stone, 27, Selma, Ala., larceny

Sydney Roger Teague, 53, Kingston Springs, Tenn., probation violation

William Joseph Fox Thompson, 35, Navarre, battery, child neglect, resisting officer

Jarett William Warren, 19, Gulf Breeze, probation violation

Daisey Leona Weaver, 49, Milton, larceny

Jeffrey Wayne Williams, 35, Milton, drug possession

Chad Ashley Wimert, 31, Milton, moving traffic violation