Dear editor,

Hatefulness is a common way of life for lots of people. There are people who are elected to make good for their town, city and country, and to uphold equality for all who reside in the country.

But, the evil head of hate still lives, and is always passed on down the line in life and we all know when we're wrong.

... Most people hate just because they can ... This country is poisoned with bigots who are all for war in other countries, and yet live in denial of the war that has a grip on their inner self.

As in the past, white Americans seem to not be able to let go of their hate for no good reasons toward their own fellow men and women of color, but are quick to go deep in denial of it.

I would like to pose a question to the hater white folks of America: Which is worse, a white man who hates his fellow man because they thirst for equality, or ISIS?



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