Dear editor,

My father, a naturalized citizen, a U.S. Navy veteran of World War I, loved our country, our national anthem, and honored our flag. He instilled patriotism in his children. His heart would break to learn of the No. 1 story, 200 NFL players kneeling at recent ball games.

Yes, freedom of speech is their right but not on company time. What would happen were employees to protest while at work? They could be fired. They should be for not giving an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay!

God bless Villanueva, who served three tours in Afghanistan and became an Army Ranger. He is a recipient of the Bronze Star medal for overseas service and the Bronze Star medal for valor, the Pittsburgh Steeler who stood alone defying the order to sit in the locker room. Shame on Mike Tomlin, Steeler coach, who wanted 100 percent participation in protest. The quarterback et al. regretted not coming out to stand as well.

Shame on all hell bent on destroying President Trump, falsely accusing him of racism. He simply, honestly stated it’s all about honoring, respecting our country, national anthem, flag and those who gave their all fighting under the flag defending it! Period! He should keep tweeting ‘til all come to their senses on this issue!

Shame on Kaepernick starting it all with hateful “cops are pigs” on his socks at ballgames.

Shame on NFL owners, fearful of losing players perhaps, picking and choosing hypocritically. Dallas denied players the right to wear decals on helmets honoring the five cops killed in 2016. One owner denied a player to wear pink cleats honoring his mom, a cancer survivor. Aubrey Williamson was denied right to wear “never forget 9-11”.

Stadiums are built with taxpayer funds where owners and players earn obscene profits and salaries. Thank God some fans refuse to attend games now!

The greatest tragedy is that men and women who fought, bled and died are dishonored, disrespected and their sacrifices forgotten. They fought under our flag, defending it. Praise God!

Any genuflecting done should be done to God for forgiveness of their greed, disrespect, hatred and animosity. They should be thankful they have jobs while many are suffering.

Protesters obviously don’t know the red stands for hardiness and courage, the white for purity and innocence, the blue for vigilance, perseverance and justice!

Long may Old Glory wave and be respected by all who call themselves Americans.

God bless us all as only He can. Maranatha!




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