Dear editor,

The No-Health Care Bill For America, endorsed by Republican leadership at the will of American vultures, disclosed their absence of American values.

One shining light, Sen. John McCain, stood up for American values. He stood at the wall to remind America that the Grand Old Party has not always been the Grandiose Only Party.

When the GOP leadership was dancing to the billionaire donor vulture violins, Sen. John McCain reminded America that we are a nation founded on fundamental values that have kept us strong.

While Sen. McCain fought Russian support of communism and refused the chance to come home until all the other prisoners were released, President Trump sought deferments to take advantage of those values Sen. McCain risked his life for.  

Perhaps President Trump’s affection for Russia is deeper than known. President Trump’s affections do not excuse the personal attacks of Republican leadership on Sen. McCain’s voting choices. 

Nor does it excuse support for a No Health Care Bill that denies millions of Americans care while giving huge tax breaks to the American vulture donor class. 

Support our true friend, Sen. John McCain.  Support American values. 


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