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This is Catherine Miller and I just want to compliment and thank the teachers who voted to stay with SRPE. Teaching is a profession and SRPE I believe refers to Santa Rosa Professional Educators. I think you did a smart thing. I’m not a teacher today but I think that was a compliment to teachers — that you are a profession. Thank you for voting and staying with your professional organization. Thank you.


This is Bob Bailey. I just want to say we have a real orange winner in the White House. Republicans are starting to turn their backs on him. He calls the White House a dump. Any time he says something offensive he attributes it to being a joke. If that were Hillary, they would demand a public stoning ... Turnabout is fair play. The DEA speaks out against Trump. Trump lies and pretty soon we’ll have Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba and the Philippines against us and we will lose. We need to get the orange man out, impeached.

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