Dear editor,

Thank you for publishing Mr. Steven King’s letter in which he took issue with a statement that was misquoted in an interview. 

The misquoted phrase was a “democratic world order that serves human rights.” The verb I used in the interview was "respects."

Full statements of my views may be seen in the video of my announcement on Men and women who sacrificed in World War II “gave our generation a democratic world order that respects human rights. Their vision from the victory of World War II served America well.

“[Congressman Matt] Gaetz’s radical foreign policy disrespects their sacrifice and threatens the legacy our generation is passing on to future Americans.”

Also from my speech, “Extreme radical views like Gaetz’s compelled me to question the Republican Party’s commitment to American values.”

I refer to values embedded in the United States Constitution and other institutions like the Boy Scouts of America, whose national jamboree saw a disgraceful display earlier this week. 

To Gaetz’s party leaders who espouse American values yet blindly support the party’s standard bearer: Why are you tolerating behavior that you know damages our youth and America’s standing in the world? That’s not conservatism. You’re following a hollow brand.

Sen. [John] McCain got it right … when he called for regular order in the Senate. Our representative should have done that long ago in the House. 

People want representatives to uphold American values such as regular order in Congress. 

That will deliver progress for jobs and healthcare.


Phil Ehr

Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives

Florida’s first district