Dear editor,

The Santa Rosa Democratic Executive Committee calls for republican, democrat and independent leaders and legislation to stand firm against the ban on transgender individuals in the military.

We implore you to speak out against Trump on his discrimination. These brave individuals deserve the same respect and rights as every other individual who volunteers to join the military. Stand up for the 7,000 transgender members of the U.S. military and the over 130,000 transgender veterans. Transgender people have always served. Their past and continued sacrifices will continue to be honored. 

The military today is a full voluntary force. A man who refused to serve in the military a single day in his life is now turning away volunteers and is doing a huge disservice to those proudly serving now. The president of the United States should have the utmost respect for all members of the military and all veterans. They should be honored for their service to our country. Each and every one of us must stand with the transgender community and speak out against this ban and against Trump's hate and bigotry.

This commander in chief has no idea of what sacrifice is or what it means to serve. He lacks human decency and empathy and does not possess what his leadership role requires.

A president is elected to represent all of the people of their nation in a fair and equal manner. Republicans especially need to admit this decision is completely unacceptable and they need to speak out against his behavior once and for all.

Which group of people will Trump strip the rights from to finally get your attention? 


Chair of the Santa Rosa Democratic Executive Committee 

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