GULF BREEZE —  A Gulf Breeze High School administrator was arrested last week after handing over a fraudulent prescription for narcotics, lawmen say.

According to an offense report from Gulf Breeze Police Department, law enforcement was dispatched to the Neighborhood Walmart Pharmacy in Gulf Breeze in reference to a fraudulent prescription.

The pharmacy technician said that on July 11, 43-year-old Sean Patrick Tomey turned in a fraudulent prescription for 120 tablets of 50-miligram Tramadol. The technician said she had discovered the prescription was fraudulent when she received a call from Dr. Buchalter's office at Gulf Coast Pain Institute stating the prescription was not given to Tomey by the office. The prescription had already been filled by the time the pharmacy realized it was fraudulent, the report said.

The technician also stated that Tomey had a different prescription from July 5 for 90 tablets of 10-miligram Percocet that was also fraudulent.

The prescriptions were also attempted to be passed at the CVS, located ta 225 Gulf Breeze Parkway. The pharmacist there told police he immediately recognized the scripts to be fake since it was not a blue script paper and appeared to have a photocopied signature. Once the pharmacist inquired about the script, Tomey "calmly grabbed the paper script and walked out of CVS," the report said.

On July 20, Gulf Breeze Police Department obtained a statement from Gulf Coast Pain Institute, which stated the prescriptions that were passed at local pharmacies were not filled by Dr. Buchalter's office.

Around 11:15 a.m. police went to Tomey's home and arrested him. During initial questioning, Tomey denied any wrongdoing and said he was prescribed those items from Dr. Buchalter's office, the report said.

When evidence of the fraudulent scripts was presented to him, Tomey then admitted to creating the false prescriptions on his laptop. He explained that his pain has increased over that last couple of years without any answer from doctors and that he has become addicted to pain medication. He said he did not know what else to do to help himself.

Tomey is the assistant principal of guidance at Gulf Breeze High School.

Tomey was charged with two counts of passing a forged prescription and one count of fraud. He was released from Santa Rosa County Jail after posting bond.