Dear editor,

I read the SRPG article regarding former Republican, now Democrat, congressional candidate and former Naval Officer Phil Ehr. [“Gaetz gets early Democratic challenge,”]

First, I want to say me not liking someone's political stance doesn't mean I have no respect for the person and what they have done in their lives. I have the utmost respect for John McCain and wish him well in his battle with cancer, but his politics always seem to flow in the path of less resistance, meaning his reelection is more important than any of his beliefs or promises.

Mr. Ehr makes a couple of statements that are very troubling. First is "a world order that serves human rights.” The world has had that and it worked better until it was taken over by the same nations around the world who ignore human rights. It is called the United Nations!

Mr. Ehr continues to say, "the Republican Party, the current administration, and the current district representative do not serve those human rights.” Yet this current administration has done more with again winning the war in Iraq in the last six months than the Obama administration did in the last eight years! ISIS in its short existence has violated more human rights around the world with its religious agenda killings including those within our country.

Mr. Ehr swore an oath allowing him to become a Naval officer. [He swore to] the best of his ability he would preserve, protect and defend. Offering any portion of our nation's sovereignty to any world order to make any direct or binding future decisions regarding our nation is unconstitutional and treasonous.

When the power of governing is moved farther away from We the People, it is We the People who tend to lose our rights to self-govern — such as our educational system being moved from the states’ control to the federal government, which is unconstitutional and bypasses the sovereignty guaranteed to each state in the words of our Constitution.

Also, there is a difference between promote and provide; we promote the arts and inventions with protecting copyrights and patents for which they pay. We do not provide for them with government taxpayer money. We provide for our military with taxpayer money, which Mr. Ehr received with each government check, and paid-for benefits in return for his oath.

It now seems his promise of his oath has now changed to pander for votes for his election. The author of our Constitution, James Madison, stated, “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.”

… This is exactly why our health care system must be based in a free enterprise system with every aspect needed to reduce the costs.

Government Democrats have never reduced the costs of government or increased the functioning ability including that of the V.A. health care system!




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