Dear editor,

A neighbor recently invited my father and [me] to tour his very impressive Roy Rogers collection.

He proudly played a black and white Roy Rogers and Dale Evans movie introduction. The movie was introduced by the Roy Rogers prayer. Roy’s prayer began with, “Lord I reckon I’m not much — just by myself.”

His wife gave my father a copy of the “Roy Rogers Riders Rules” he shared with children. They include: be courteous and polite, protect the weak and help them, study hard and learn all you can, be kind to animals and take care of them, love God and go to Sunday school, and always respect our flag and our country. 

Roy Rogers’ rules are not properly labeled conservative or liberal. These rules are fundamental.  Many “conservatives” embrace Roy’s rules while embracing a president who openly degrades them.  Our children look to us and who we embrace for rules — fundamental rules. 

Do you really make America great when your children hear you say one thing and then embrace someone who openly opposes those character traits? 

Our tax dollars are aiding degradation by President Trump. Fundamental rules keep America great.




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