JAY — Author Susanna Ranae, of Jay, has released a book titled, “In Tune With God: Living by the Hymns of Faith.”

“‘In Tune with God’ is a tribute to the great hymns of Christian faith and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ,” the book’s Amazon.com blurb states. “Inspired by the Holy Spirit, songwriters of old and new have penned righteous, lyrical instructions applicable for daily living. These melodies hold deep meaning in our lives as they lift our spirits and fill our hearts with joy for the journey, just as King David's psalms do.

“This book examines twelve aspects of life and how the faithful tunes relate to our relationship with the Father … One whose life is in tune with God can share a beautiful sound for all the world to hear.”

The book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Christian Faith Publishing.

This is Ranae's second book, following her testimonial of perseverance and praise, “Susanna's Psalm.”