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… We had lockers and still ended up carrying 3-5 books all day because there wasn’t enough time between every class to go to a locker.

Suck it up.

Shoot, sometimes I walked home 2.5 miles with 3 or 4 books, folders, etc., in my arms. Guess what? I survived.

Life isn’t always easy; prepare your babies.

Darla Bryant



My daughter is a straight A student (who) has goals of completing two years of college by the time she is 15. Her backpack is the most organized thing in my house. But out of necessity, it is unreasonably heavy.

Kristi Blankenship



My one son weighed 72 (pounds) at the beginning of the school year and his backpack weighted 50 (pounds)... this is absolutely ridiculous.

He complained of back pain for 4 months. I had to massage his back with lavender oil every night to help him find relief. Very awful.

Lacey Hartnett


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