Dear editor, 

Last week, we were inundated by 11 inches of rain in just a few hours.

I live in Metron Estates. My backyard has a 7-foot trench 30 feet long. This being the third gully in three years at a cost of 7 grand, each time out of pocket.

The county just says it’s a "hundred-year rain.” We have had one every two years lately. But due to the deaf ears of the county, my wife, before this last Noah flood happened, she emailed the county, when they proposed a park in Metron Estates, saying, "Would not those funds be better suited for flood control?"

No answer, other than a sorta, "We understand your concerns" reply.

After that last email she sent the county, the last flood came and ruined families. No insurance covers this. No, not even Flo from Progressive covers it.

A park for children is great. But with all the sexual predators that are in the news, why build them a "rec center"?

I have a solution for all that were affected by our county’s negligence: Plant kudzu!

Join the Santa Rosa Kudzu Commission and really make soil erosion go away. (It reproduces faster than kitty cats.)

The utilities will love kudzu and our voice won’t sound so far away to the county.



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