Dear editor,

The people who preach tolerance tend to be the least tolerant. So let’s see: I am pretty sure my own experiences … regarding this gay aspect of life should also allow an opinion.

First is the fact that true homosexuality is a fetus developmental issue; physical or mental deficiencies make no difference, and normally form in the early stages of development. Any person has absolutely no control over these circumstances leading up to that point.

But some aspects can be and are driven by society and peer pressure with what is seen as cool or ‘in’ at the time. Drugs, alcohol, cigarette and Pokémon Go usage are examples.

My only problem with the gay community is … a form of peer pressure and maybe even reverse bullying. These are people who feel they have to publicly announce to everyone their sexual preference with every available moment and opportunity. This would also be accomplished with a normal conversation, but if that conversation, by either's choice, never takes place, then your need or not needing to tell never becomes an issue along with my need or not needing to know.

I have never seen anyone going around a room asking of each person their sexual preference, and (that) would be considered rude. Memorial weekend was designated for the people who gave their lives to better your life, being gay or straight. I see it as being hijacked (by Pride events) and very disrespectful of those deceased heroes.

Regarding education, it is a place for learning. The purpose of learning is when, becoming an adult, you can financially support yourself and then the future family of your choosing.

Now, if homosexuality or heterosexuality will ensure your future earnings in life, then your schooling would not be needed and I could save my tax dollars. All boys or girls schools came about just because of these adolescent sexual peer pressures that were seen to interfere with this most important system of learning.

So, under the same argument, heterosexuality was also not just discouraged but virtually not allowed in these school systems because they are one-gender schools. So were these schools formed for the purpose of driving home the homosexuality aspects within society? No! They were designed to hopefully allow for a better education.

Your being at school is not for the purpose of forming a heterosexual or homosexual relationship or for announcing your sexual preference! That is a byproduct of assembling both genders in one place for the purpose of learning.

Ask for a suspension of the citation while agreeing to take the peer pressuring sign down and focus on making A's to hopefully ensure your financial future in life! Then enjoy your life, be respectful of those who helped get you to that point, and give back in some way.

Then respectfully live your life, allowing others now younger than you to make their own decisions (good or bad) in life with the least amount of society's peer pressure as possible from both sides in regard to this issue!




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