MILTON — A Milton High School student who received a $20 parking citation also received direction to remove a sign hanging inside her car.

Rachel Campbell’s sign, which says, “So gay I can’t even drive straight,” apparently violates the school’s student handbook on offensive signs.

“Students’ vehicles, while on campus, should not display any tag, sticker or other materials that may be deemed offensive or obscene by other individuals,” the school’s handbook, available on MHS’s website at, states. “Students will be asked to remove these items and further disciplinary actions may be appropriate.”

Campbell, a junior, said she received the sign from a friend about two weeks ago and nobody else has a problem with it.

“Everyone I’ve talked to has said that they think (the citation is) ridiculous,” she said.

Campbell describes herself as pansexual: “It's basically bisexual but it includes genders other than male or female, meaning you'd have to be very open-minded to accept it,” she said.

Campbell said she would not remove the sign.

“There's no way I'm taking it down,” she said. “I love it and I doubt they'd care that much. It really just depends on how homophobic the staff is.”

Campbell’s mother, Keith Ann Campbell, doesn’t like the sign but supports her daughter’s right to display it.

“My opinion is all bumper stickers and signs such as this are showing opinions in one way or another,” Keith Ann said. “Any driver of any vehicle on campus has the same rights, whether it is about being gay or even southern. 

 “It was apparent to me that whoever wrote the ticket is anti-gay. From my understanding, there is another car there with a tag that has curse words. To be honest, I don’t like her sign, but this country was built on freedom of speech.”

A Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office deputy (whose identity could not be confirmed by deadline) simply followed school guidelines on what is offensive, according to SRSO Public Information Officer Rich Aloy.

MHS Principal Tim Short on Thursday said he recently learned of the situation and will investigate the citation before commenting on the matter.