Dear editor,

Mr. Trump early in 2015 realized that voting Republicans were fed up feeling like they were trapped in a party of no.

They expressed the frustration that the ‘rank-and-file’ leadership was trapped in an adversarial role with anything and everything that President Obama was doing. To him and them, the country was going nowhere fast, regardless of Rubio, Cruz, Bush or any other of the Republican notables.

Mr. Trump correctly saw a vision to suggest that the Republican Party could be the party of go, and not no. He correctly identified some issues that needed radical change and swooned the Republican base to turn away from the rank-and-file leadership and choose him as the only one who could make those radical changes work.

Although his modus operandi included berating and degrading his rank-and-file opponents, he successfully defeated all of the other 16 contenders and won the Republican nomination for president.

His successful presidential run proved to himself that he had a free hand to move quickly on all of his ideas and that 62 million Americans agreed with him.

He does not care if the rank-and-file Republicans (current elected leadership) agree with him. In fact, they are part of the Washington “swamp” that he is working to “drain.” His inauguration speech was swearing that he would be including all citizens in his dramatic decisions to ‘Make America Great’ again.

Now, President Trump is moving at a pace that normal politicians can’t comprehend. He has basically assured Americans that, if elected, and he was, that he, and only he, is smart enough to make essentially all the right decisions to quickly get America on the correct path to renewed greatness. 

So, shooting from the hip to most of us is just implementing his well thought out plan in his own mind. He envisions if you’re not with him, then you are against him.

The best investment most Americans can buy for this whirlwind adventure is a case of (lip balm).

If you hint of being in the way, you will be reprimanded, ridiculed and/or replaced.