MILTON — The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shares this report.



Officers Clark, Hutchinson and Lewis were on patrol when they observed a pickup truck parked in Blackwater Wildlife Management Area.

The officers stopped and approached the vehicle and noticed the windows were down. There was also a deer stand in the bed and pieces of corn scattered throughout.

While they were waiting by the vehicle, a male subject walked out of the WMA carrying a backpack that appeared empty.

Officer Hutchinson asked the man if he could look in the backpack and he consented. There were small pieces of corn in the bag. When asked what he was doing, he stated he was just looking around.

The subject was read Miranda rights and asked if he was placing bait. He stated he only put a little out to see what kind of deer were in the area. He also had a camera placed to view wildlife taking the bait.

The subject was cited for placing bait in a WMA.


Area officers, along with the SOG Team, worked a security detail providing dignitary protection at a political rally in Pensacola. The rally was held adjacent to the Blue Wahoos Stadium, which is a waterfront facility. The officers were tasked with waterborne security and to provide a contingency plan for an emergency extraction.