Dear editor,

I cannot believe that some of the people that live on Indian Ford Road think they own the road. Out-of-towners were greeted by the residents of IFR with signs that read, “Cyclists not welcome / Please find a different route!”

And the so-called reasons for the signs was because drivers were slowed down from 60 miles an hour to 25; I thought the speed limit was 25 on Indian Ford Road.

Seems that someone on IFR has a vendetta against cyclists, because their dog has attacked four people and the owner says he is not vicious — ha.

Living a healthy lifestyle is what the bikers are all about — enjoying life and the roads of Santa Rosa County; the ride through the woods.

The way these IFR people act reminds me of the movie “Deliverance” and the backwoods ignorant hillbillies in the movie.