MILTON — Santa Rosa County is the 48th most affordable place to buy a car in Florida, according to

The second-quarter 2016 Most Affordable Areas Analysis study, which drew on over 72 million vehicles and 4.5 billion unique data points nationwide, showed that used vehicles in Santa Rosa County were on average $1,747 more than the Florida average, according to the San Francisco-based new and used car search engine.

The study found that there were statistically significant differences in list prices at the state, county and even city level across both Florida and the U.S. at large. Results showed that while dealer density predictably contributed toward price disparities, other factors did so as well, such as manufacturer community presence and geography demands.

The top five most affordable places to buy a used vehicle in Florida were:

Palm Beach County: $817 below the state average Broward County: $535 below the state average Orange County: $454 below the state average Sarasota County: $251 below the state average Martin County: $157 below the state average  

The top five most affordable models in Santa Rosa County were:


Ford F-150: $1,425 below the state average Chevrolet Camaro: $377 above the state average Ford Mustang: $420 above the state average GMC Sierra 1500: $486 above the state average Buick Enclave: $509 above the state average  

Santa Rosa County had its own price differences.’s study showed that the Ford F-150 was the most affordable vehicle in Santa Rosa County, with prices $1,425 below the Florida average.