MILTON — Fresh Coat of Pensacola painters are helping to renovate a 7,000-square-foot Milton home that will be used as a children’s homeless shelter.

“These are all of the painters that work with Fresh Coat,” Jamario Ridley, owner of Fresh Coat of Pensacola, said Monday. “They came here to volunteer their time, they think this is for a good cause.”

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Throughout this week, the Fresh Coat team will texture and paint the walls, ceilings and trim. Ridley said employees will tackle the home’s interior, which can accommodate up to 32 children.

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A thankful Liz Gibson, co-founder of ‘For the Children’ organization, said she has been impressed with Fresh Coat employees’ enthusiasm.

“Everyone of them have been super excited, motivated, enthusiastic and just ready to knock it out,” Gibson said. “They are jumping in with both feet forward.”

Need for the shelter became apparent after Gibson and co-founder Marcie Hunt discovered there were 1,800 homeless children in Santa Rosa County.

The faith-based organization attained the property two years ago and has steadily worked on renovating the house with the assistance of many volunteers and local organizations. Helpers range from church groups, high school organizations, businesses and even a Star Trek fan club.

“It’s been unbelievable with the amount of support and a lot of help,” Gibson said.

Ridley said Sherwin-Williams donated the paint as part of the company’s ‘Paint it Forward’ program.

“The Paint it Forward program gives local Fresh Coat owners the opportunity to get involved in the community and, hopefully, make a positive impact,” Ridley said in a media release. “Painting this house is a big job, and we’re hoping our help can energize For the Children of Milton and empower them to start serving children sooner.”