MILTON — Here are the latest calls we received on Santa Rosa County and Milton area issues. 



Yeah, this is Bobby. I keep listening to the news about them wanting to ban assault weapons and stuff. Congress is up there showing how (senseless) they are by having a sit-in.

The guns they are talking about (are) no different than the ones you can go down to the local store and buy. It’s not a fully-automatic weapon, it’s just like a .22 rifle you can buy at Walmart. A .22 holds about 15 rounds and it fires every time you pull the trigger … Most pistols do the same thing.

… If it holds ten rounds, and you pull it 10 times, you shoot 10 times. None of them are automatic like they are trying to make it sound. A machine gun is automatic; you can’t buy those. That means if you pull the trigger and hold it down,  it will just fire until it runs out of shells.

So I don’t know if a lot of people understand that or not, but they are just playing politics is all they are doing. Thank you.



Yeah this is Bobby. Has anyone besides me ever wondered where all those people at Russ Harbor Landing go to the bathroom? I was just wondering. There are hundreds of people that go over there, and I presume they all have to go use the bathroom like anybody else, especially when they take drinks over there … Sounds a little unhealthy. Thank you. 


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