MILTON — Ryun Jayer Williamson resigned as Santa Rosa County’s District 1 commissioner to meet state requirements to run for state representative.

Williamson was absent from the Santa Rosa County Commission’s regular meeteing on Thursday. Commission Chairman Lane Lynchard announced Williamson’s resignation at the start of the meeting.

Williamson left a message that Lynchard read to the audience. In it, he says, “I was looking forward to serving these last four months and finishing the work we have started in District One. It truly has been one of the greatest honors of my life to serve the citizens of Santa Rosa County.”

Williamson could have attended the meeting, but he said, “after thinking about it, any talk of my future endeavors could be perceived as campaigning in a  public meeting, which is not allowed, and I also needed to head out of town to make sure all my paperwork is filed correctly with the state.”

Gov. Rick Scott appointed Williamson to the commission following Jim Williamson, his father’s, death, for a term beginning June 18, 2014, and ending Nov. 11.