MILTON — Dr. Robert Rowell has joined Watson Family Dentistry, which his grandfather, Dr James Watson, started in 1956 and his uncles, Drs. Bruce and Brett Watson, continued.

Rowell, a University of Florida graduate, said he’s happy to join a practice where every day he sees his family legacy.

Hailing from Crestview, Rowell said he originally went to UF to study biology, but after visiting his uncles’ practice and seeing the relationships develop between the community and staff, he wanted to join the family business.

“You get to work with your hands and build friendships,” he said.

Right now, Rowell and his wife, Lindsay, and their 9-month-old, Payton, live in Holt, a halfway point between his new workplace in Milton and her position as a CVS pharmacist in Niceville.

Rowell said he practices general dentistry now, but has plans to continue his education toward implants.

However, he does have a unique perspective for those who are considering braces since he has a set himself.

“I can tell them, ‘Look, I’ve been there,’” he said. He said he can also share his insight about the importance of wearing a retainer.

Watson Family Dentistry is located at 5750 Highway 90 in Milton.

Contact the office at 623-2991 and visit for more information.