Dear editor,

What the British vote to leave the European Union reveals is the blindfold of liberalism is off in Britain, and the truth about liberal views is now finally being peeled back for all to see.

Governments around the world (are) printing money because they are living outside their means. The redistribution of wealth from the producers and earners — UK, France, Germany, maybe others — to the non-producers and non-earners — Greece and soon others — is shifting and will begin coming to an end.

Self-responsibility and reality hopefully will slowly begin to return to the rest of the world.

No one likes for someone else to make their decisions for them, much less a nongovernmental entity in Brussels that "We the People" have no representation or say in their decisions.

These situations around the world have caused many countries in Europe to become much less safe while spending their countries’ money — the people’s money — on the same immigrants causing unsafe conditions such as what happened with the rapes in Germany last New Year's Eve.

The people in the UK have begun to wake up, changing the course of their nation from a liberal open-borders nation — one world government that will and has pillaged America — to a nation that has a say and control of its borders as to who is allowed to enter.

Great Britain has chosen to lead the way. Will America continue its course of insensible, unsafe immigration and tourism caused by open borders with Hillary or follow the UK's want of sensible, safe immigration and tourism promoted by Trump?