MILTON — Here are the latest calls we received on Santa Rosa County and Milton area issues. 


This is Mary, a concerned senior citizen. This is pertaining to the bicycle riders along Munson Highway. There is no bike lane, no side area … they ride in the road. This is a highway, not a street. So people are traveling like 55 miles per hour, and you come up on these bicycles all of the sudden on the hills or downhill, and they don’t have any flags up or flashing lights or (anything) you can see even during the day time.

I think the county needs to check on that and see what they could do before somebody gets killed, because the bicycle riders don’t seem to pull over. They just keep going in the same lane; and if you are meeting another vehicle, it’s kind of hard to stop all of the sudden and to keep from hitting one of them.

Also, on the Blackwater Trail: There (are) people (who) ride bicycles on that. They do not stop at their stop signs and, when they cross Munson Highway, they just keep going; and if you blow your horn at them, they will give you an ugly sign … Some people … need to observe the stop signs and the cross of a busy highway … They can really get killed.


I would like everyone to be aware of the dangers of driving on Red Rock Road in north Santa Rosa County. There is an awful lot of traffic on this road — cars, motorcycles and bicyclists. There is not hardly any shoulder at all.

There are hidden driveways. At least two have been killed … and multiple accidents on this road. So, anybody driving this road, please be very careful. It is a very dangerous stretch of road from Highway 191 all the way to Sandy Forest Road.


This is Winston, calling about Satan being in charge of the world. I am not a church-goer myself, but I was wondering, if Satan is in charge of the world, how would God be allowed to do anything? Satan would be in charge; both could not rule together, it seems to me.


Hey, this is Michael. I was calling about a post someone made about Satan being in control of the world. God is in control of our world and, as far as babies dying and those things, there is a verse — I don’t have my Bible right now with me — but God reigns on the just and the unjust. It does not say, “Satan reigns on the just and the unjust.” So you need as well to read your Bible accurately.


This is Tony the critic calling in response to the no-name comment about Satan being in charge of the world. Why do so many Christians think God is in control. Here again, you all contradict yourself another time … So ya’ll are totally untrustworthy. So God is not in charge, Satan is in charge — that is what ya’ll are saying. So, you all have no hope.


This is Betty, a concerned senior citizen. I agree with Mary, our concerned senior citizen, on (how) older people are truly alone. No one seems to understand how life can truly be when your beloved companion is called home to heaven and you are left alone. The Bible says we are to help the widows and the orphans. In this world I am alone, but there is one who feeds his (follower), and I know he watches over me. God Bless all …

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