We asked local musicians to share their plans for the quarantine. Get to know Jessie Ritter.

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Editor’s Note: We asked local musicians to share their plans for the quarantine.

Name: Jessie Ritter

Website: jessieritter.com

Visit jessieritter.com/tour for tour dates. Get your Jessie Ritter merchandise here at jessieritter.com/shop. Download or stream songs by Jessie on iTunes or Spotify.

Website: https://jessieritter.com/home

Facebook: Facebook.com/jessielynnritter

Twitter: Twitter.com/jessielritter?lang=en

Instagram: Instagram.com/jessie.l.ritter/

What’s going on with you musically right now?

I am currently on tour – maybe. Fingers crossed too many shows aren’t canceled. And, I’m writing songs for my sophomore album. I spend half of my time here performing along the Gulf Coast and half of my time writing, recording and performing in Nashville, Tennessee.

What are your general thoughts about the coronavirus?

My best friend got sick on a recent work trip. Very likely she has COVID-19. I texted her this morning to ask how she was feeling. See her message below.

“Honestly I’m not sure what to think yet, and there’s value in finding humor in any situation. I’m not sure how this is different than the flu that spreads like wildfire every year. But I think it’s very good to encourage people to stay home when you don’t feel well and wash your hands like crazy. I’m hoping there’s a lot of good that comes from this. We get a period of rest and family time that most people usually won’t allow themselves.”

What event/activity are you most sad was canceled because of the coronavirus?

Lots of country music festivals across the country have shut down, and a lot of my friends have lost work. I’m sad they had to cancel the first week of Bands on the Blackwater in Milton. Hopefully things will settle down and it will be safe to perform on April 17 when we are scheduled to perform.

Will you work at a job over the next couple of weeks?

My husband and I own an RV park in Gulf Breeze. If my gigs end up getting canceled and I find more free time on my hands, I’m sure he will have no trouble putting me to work. It will probably involve cleaning bath houses and planting flowers. Not so bad.

If you plan to self-quarantine, what TV/movies will you watch? Books?

My husband Brian Toups is an incredible author. His most recent published novel is called “Star Kin.” You can find it on Amazon and have it delivered right to your door – no going out in public required. But he recently finished the first draft of a new book about a girl who is living in a dystopian beach town. She enters a singing competition and all kinds of adventure ensues. It is loosely based on my life the past two years. When I’m home, I’ll continue work editing this first draft for him.

What music do you recommend right now?

Has everyone listened to The Highwomen record yet? Everyone needs to listen to The Highwomen record. It is an incredible piece of art. I’m also really loving the new Hailey Whitters record that released last week. Really good female country music with real stories.

How would you describe your self-quarantine fashion aesthetic?

Work gloves and ripped jeans with a swimsuit top. This is the perfect time for working outside before it gets too hot, but I gotta get that tan started early or I’ll burn to a crisp this summer. PSA for sunscreen.

What other unique plans do you have as you self-quarantine?

I love cooking. Stocked the fridge today. I’m excited to try a few new recipes and take advantage of time at home to take care of myself. It’s hard to eat healthy when you’re on the road, and driving so much can make it challenging to get in the kind of work out I’d love to do. I see long runs and reward meals in my future.

Do you have an uplifting motto or mantra?

”Love above all else and you will become lovely.” Choose love in every situation, and just keep doing the next-right-thing. You’ll be amazed at the person you become.