This article deals with a problem who’s time has come for a solution. The electric company monopolies need to be broken up just like AT&T was.

Rates for residential service have become unreasonable. My current bill is close to $300 for two elderly people, who eat most meals out, retire early and live in an average size 3 bedroom house.

My friends who live in Reddick, Florida, received a bill this month for her electricity in the amount of $500. Another of my friends who lives in Dania, Florida received bills that are less than $100. His home is the same size as mine and my Reddick friend.

These prices are outrageous for retirees living on Social Security and pensions. Just think of the outrage if our telephone, internet and tv services were billed like the electric bills.

I am sure that if electric companies had to compete, their rates would be more reasonable.

Montyna Kelly, Panama City