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Wednesday, October 28


This is Steve. To all of you nuts, troublemakers and the undesirables, complainers otherwise known as the ACLU, if you don’t like our flags, our schools, our country, our God. Go back to where you came from. Leave your name and phone number in the Gazette and I will take you to the airport. Just get out, you are not welcome here. Thank you.


Wednesday, October 28


So the best place to put the new courthouse is right by the railroad track and next to a flood zone? Parking is going to be impossible and roads are going to be impossible. Train derailments and floods are normal happenings, but to build the courthouse right in the middle of that stuff is just plain wrong and dangerous. Thank you.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Yes, Hi this is Diane. I would like to know who the person was who threw out two little small kittens by the river wooded part. There were a couple of kittens five or six weeks old. I stopped my car and I got out and I tried to get them I was going to take them to the animals place, but they ran into woods. I just wonder what church you go to because now I thing you can sleep in on Sundays. I don’t think it will do you any good. How do you sleep at night? I don’t understand people like you. Animal’s lives matter. I guess your father took you out in the woods a little too early to shoot deer. You have no love or respect for them. Thank you.