Dear Editor,


America needs more football coaches like Joe Kennedy and students who pray with him after each game. Shame on his school authorities (Washington State) forbidding him to do so. He’s been genuflecting since 2008 thanking God for player’s safety. How exciting that students from both teams asked if they could join him. He responded, in essence, ‘come ahead.’ It’s a free country. Liberty Institute is defending him, hallelujah. God bless them too. Same on schools et al attempting to stop, deny those who want to acknowledge and honor God, especially since high school football players are dying while engaged in playing. That total is now 7 this year, sad to say. Only God knows how many moms, grandmothers, me included, parents et al, pray continually for safety of children and grandchildren involved in what some think, that America’s god before God is the football craze, an obsession.

God bless us all as only He can. Maranatha.


Chrys Holley